Major Steps In An Personal Injury Case


Attorneys have an ethical responsibility to keep their clients informed about the status of their case. Nothing is more frustrating, especially when you have updated information that you need to discuss with your attorney, and you end up playing phone-tag back and forth, get transferred to the paralegal or never received a return call back. Most motorcycle accident lawyers everett will tell you when you first hire them that there will be a paralegal assigned to your case and that the paralegal will be the main contact for gathering all case information. In most cases, more often than not, the paralegal assigned to your case can answer most of your questions.

Therefore, here are a few tips on how to reach your attorney:

• Don’t call your attorney every day.
Only call your attorney when it is absolutely important. Ask to speak with the paralegal first and if she is not able to answer your question, she will get the attorney to return your call and answer your question. Don’t hesitate to call the paralegal for a monthly update on your case.

• When calling your attorney’s office it is important to keep your composure and not yell or be disrespectful to the receptionist or paralegal that answers your call. This could evidently reduce your chances of getting a quick call back.

• If you are transferred to your attorney’s voicemail, make sure to always leave a detailed message about why you are calling, when you are available to discuss your case, and how you can be reached.


The success of your car accident claim depends on the evidence that is collected throughout your case. All damages that you are claiming because of the accident must be proven with documentation showing the loss or expense. Some of the key records that the attorney and paralegal will be gathering are:

• Police Report

If a police report was filed, this report will contain all the crucial information needed to determine the person at fault for the car accident, as well as any traffic laws that may have been violated.

• Medical Records

The paralegal will gather all medical records that pertain to the car accident from any provider that you have visited, including treatment received, diagnoses made, recommended treatments, prescribed medications and any other recommendations by your health care provider.

• Proof of Income Records

As part of a lawsuit, if you have missed time at work due to the accident, you will likely be able to recover your lost income. The paralegal will gather all pertinent information, such as detailed proof of your lost income, paycheck stubs, direct deposit records, tip records and any other records that show missed income.

• Keep A Car Accident Diary

It is highly recommended that you keep a detailed dairy from the date of your car accident and continuing until you recover from your injuries. Any time you have something to report about your car accident, you should create an entry in your diary stating the facts. Write down anything that has impacted your day to day life because of the accident. This information is helpful because you can bring the diary with you when you see your medical providers and you will be able to give them a more detailed report of your symptoms and limitations.


Typically, an attorney will charge a “Contingency Fee”. It can vary from state to state, but a contingency fee can range from 25 to 40 percent. The most standard percentage that attorneys require is 33.33%. Therefore if you have a 33.33% contingency fee and you are awarded $110,000 in your case, your attorney will receive a contingency fee of $36,663.00. If you do not recover any money in your case, your attorney will not get paid.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring an experienced and professional car accident attorney. Your attorney should give you advice and keep you informed about your case, discuss possible issues that may arise in the future, inform you of any new developing issues, delays, or setbacks, and prepare you for your case, including depositions and trial preparation.

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